Teaching activities

Molecular genetics and plant biotechnology, Graduate and undergraduate course

Coordinator: Dr. Sabina Vidal         

Teaching staff:  Dr. Sabina Vidal, Dr. Omar Borsani, Dr. Inés Ponce de León, Dr. Astrid Agorio, Dr. José Sotelo, Eng. MSc. Victoria Bonnecarrere, MSc. Marcel Bentancor, MSc. Alexandra Castro, MSc. Cecilia Ruibal. 



Nitro-oxidative stress fundamentals for development of agro-biotechnology. International course organizated by United Nations University, BIOLAC, CEINBIO, UDELAR and PEDECIBA. Website



Plant Biology, Undergraduate course


     -Plant hormones: introduction

     -Plant hormones: mode of action

     -Seed development and germination



Plant Physiology, Undergraduate course



     -Plant responses to abiotic stress



Virology,  Undergraduate course


     -General characteristics of plant viruses

     -Plant-virus interactions



Introduction to Biology, Undergraduate course


     -Life cycle, growth control and development in plants

     -Seminar "Molecular biology approaches for plant biology"



Generation, Analysis and Release of Genetically Modified Organisms, course for professional update. Website